[ROVERNET - UK] Calling Rovernet Brain trust!!!

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If the carb flooded, it could also be a sticking float needle. Not too 

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> Hi Roland
>              All the things you mention I have checked and recheck!! Took
> the gas tank out, cleaned and sealed it, installed new fuel pump. Had the
> distributor out and checked it out, changed the coil, checked the servo,
> checked anything that could leak air, checked the gas line from back to
> front, all without results. Yesterday just as I was ready to pack it in 
> for
> a while I noticed the jet needle had a small ring groove around it, it was
> approx 1/8th inch out from base of piston. I adjusted it to be level with
> base and indeed the engine ran much better, then the carb flooded, but I
> think that was caused by the bottom washer on the economiser being out of
> place. If the needle is not the problem, I'm at a loss and don't know 
> where
> to look next??? So for the moment I'm staying indoors enjoying the British
> Premiership Soccer league on TV
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