PETER Re: [ROVERNET - UK] tough nut (and more brake woes)

S Manwell s_manwell at
Sat Sep 30 20:13:47 BST 2006


Sounds like the seal between the brake fluid side and the vacuum 
cylinder sides of the brake booster failed, and the brake fluid got 
sucked from the vacuum cylinder into the intake manifold.  I had the 
same thing happen on my P5 along time ago with the same huge plume of 
white smoke.


> peter king wrote:
>>  finished the job this morning and I'm back on the road. Good thing, 
>> because the '63 P5's brakes just went south. I suspect the master 
>> failed, because the fluid drained and is nowhere to be seen, and when 
>> I started the car, a huge plume of white smoke poured out. My guess 
>> is that the fluid has been sucked into the head through the vacuum 
>> line. Does this sound right to you?

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