[ROVERNET - UK] Steering Dapmer.

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Thu Aug 2 13:32:00 BST 2007

>From: Alan Francis
>Sent: 02 August 2007 11:50
>To: 'rovernet at lyris.ccdata.com'
>Subject: Dunlop Servo Brackets Req
>Bit of a long shot but as the early P6's seemed to have survived in higher 
>numbers in the US (in percentage terms) than the UK has anyone got a car 
>with the Dunlop Servo brackets still in place?  They are different to the 
>later Girling and I would like them for my '64 restoration project as I 
>would like to be as near original as possible. Part numbers are  538945 & 
>535685 and they were only fitted to Suffix A cars. Also looking for the 
>steering damper 539374 also only on Suffix A cars. You can email offline to 
>royston at jualry.fsnet.co.uk
>Alan Francis (partviking)
I know the P6 spares have the armstrong damper idler box combined available 
second hand. Then you would not need part number 539374. www.p6spares.co.uk

My 66 build 2000TC has dunlop brakes, with a girling booster, which is kind 
of strange.


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