[ROVERNET - UK] does the the perfect P4 exist ?

jpsco44 at aol.com jpsco44 at aol.com
Thu Aug 2 16:11:58 BST 2007

hi , all

after reading assorted ramblings about the "80" , which in my opinion 
has its virtues , let's throw some cats in a bag and shake it.

the perfect P4 in my opinion should have :

the last revision body
two -tone paint , choice to your taste .
disc brakes
overdrive by all means  !!  nothing beats touching the lever and 
listening to the engine revving down !!   ( i could also settle for 
freewheel but only with a long stride rear end)
dash - the 1951 version is hard to beat , as well as the semicircular 
horn ring. ( the padded crashrail on the  later models looks cheap - 
and the instruments on the 95 and 110 are too modern looking )
independent front seats
a 7 bearing 3 litre engine

have fun ,


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