[ROVERNET - UK] Bye-bye binge and purge

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Fri Aug 3 01:38:08 BST 2007

Laine Colley wrote:
> Does this mean you don't want to see the Escort? C'mon!
> Can I send them to the RSTCA? Even if it isnt touring yet?
Oh, the RSTCA tours a little bit, now and then! You need to get all 
those Michigan Rovers together for a ride. It's a grassroots, bottoms up 
(?) organization. RSTCA.com DID lead you to the Rovernet sign-up page 
and change your life, didn't it?


Actually, I had a 1991 Escort GT with a 5-speed and the little DOHC 
engine. I enjoyed the heck out of it, but my kidneys couldn't take the 
beating on a couple stretches of I-95 that I had to drive twice a day!


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