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Warwick Brooks warwick at regscom.com.au
Tue Aug 7 01:11:05 BST 2007

Good work Dan.  I've been checking this one on and off since it first
appeared and apart from the recent addition that the man was from NY,
nothing has changed and that is unusual for hoax e-mail.  They usually get
embellished along the way, or localized, and end up containing glaring


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Hello Rovernetters,

This note came through my other MG net list.  Sorry to throw a little
cold water on the 'mystery' of the cars in the barn...

Dan       <Kent, how was that?>

>>Subject: Re: Twin Cam - [Fwd: FW: Portugal barnfind]

>>This is what Snopes.com has to say - pictures are real but the story is


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