[ROVERNET - UK] Was: original NADA 3500 S right-hand-drive !,

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And if you read page 113 of the book, it says:

"How seriously Rover considered producing a right-hand-drive version of the Federal 3500S as a sort of more upmarket Three Thousand Five is unclear. A commission number series was certainly reserved for such a car, and there have been reports that up to six examples were built. However, it is possible that the cars in questions were actually left-hand-drive models converted at Solihull to right-hand drive: one such car, 43300062A - originally registered ROV 1 and later re-registered OXC 140H - was converted in the engineering department in October 1969 for Sir George Farmer, then Rover's Chairman."

Oh yeah, and I've just bought the car for £750. I'll be speaking with the owner over the next few days, and then I'll have to arrange to collect it, and store it somewhere for now.

If people are interested, I'll keep everyone informed as to how everything is going.

As for this weekend, I'm going to take off the front brake calipers and master cylinder on my 1970 Series 1 P6B Estate, and rebuild those as well as finish connecting the exhaust. I'm not doing too much on her for now, as I'm moving in a couple of months and she'll go into the new garage then. For now, I've got most of the panels stripped off and am getting her ready for some rust removal in the back end..


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	now WHAT??

> Indeed NADA RHD - that´s the reason why ths P6 is a rarity !
> Auction description says "One of two known to have been built by Rover for very senior management 
> hence the the factory Rover registration plate (XC). This car is infact mentioned in James Taylor's 
> P6 book page 113 and is well known within P6 circles as ROV 1."
> Rudiger
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