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S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Tue Aug 14 03:57:12 BST 2007


Coincidently, as I was making a valiant attempt to catch up on reading 
Rovernet, I put your name on a list (along with Laine's) of US Rover 
people on Rovernet to invite to participate in the Rover Automobile 
Directory.  The directory is not a club, but the intent is to maintain a 
list of fellow Rover contacts primarily in the US.

John Burkhard maintains the directory west of the Mississippi and I 
maintain the eastern half.     We currently have close to 200 Rover 
people on the list, and, since it's hard to avoid collecting only one 
Rover, significantly more than 200 Rover cars ranging from the 1920's to 
the 1990's.  There are even some Rover motorcycles accounted for.  We 
distribute updates of the directory primarily by email in pdf format, 
but we also send out a few hard copies.

We typically list each contact's name, street address, phone and car 
details.  With the directory in hand you see who your nearest Rover 
neighbor is and see who is maintaining or restoring a car like yours or 
who has a parts car that might have some parts you need.  If anyone else 
on Rovernet would to participate in the directory, just let me or John 

We have had a fairly active run of Rover events in the northeast over 
the past ten years or so, at least relative to most other regions of the 
US -- mainly because we happen to have a higher concentration of Rovers 
in the northeast.  I organized several informal events as have Stephen 
Beer, Garrett Bourque, Dirk Burrowes, Glen Wilson, Jose Scoseria, Dermot 
Harvey and others that I am probably forgetting.

As Glen pointed out, RSTCA.com is another resource which is operated by 
Glen and is primarily an on-line function.  I hope that I don't offend 
anyone by adding that neither RSTCA, nor the directory is presently 
functioning as a multi-service car club per se. 

--Steve Manwell
Melrose, MA

James Radcliffe wrote:
> I live in Upstate NY and just thought I would get some input from the group as to which Rover club might provide the best oppertunity to meet other like minded Rover nuts. I live 60 miles south or Rochester NY.  Since my Rover 2000 TC will be registered by the end of the week I thought that maybe I should join a more local club. I am a member of the Rover Car Club of South Australia, however to get classic insurance I think that they might have trouble believing that I am going to use my US Rover for Club activities.
> Also does anyone have any experience with JT Taylor insurance?
> James.
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