[ROVERNET - UK] SU needle valve interchange MGC and P6 2000TC

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I am thinking that you have "H" or "HD" type SU's rather than "HS" type. The 
"H's" and "HD's" are the only ones with a free floating float. The float 
needles should be the same no matter what the size. You really do need to 
determine what type of carburetors that you do have. I have vehicles with 
all four types of SU's and know them reasonably well.

 A single HD-8 is used on 3 liter P-5's. Some models of Jaguar use dual 
HD-8's. A good source of information would be Moss motors as they stock 
parts for Jaguars also. I personally have had good luck with gross jets. I 
had a brand new set of H-4's that one of them would flood. I cleaned and 
checked the float needle everyway possible, but could not get it to function 
properly. Changed them over to Gross Jets and the problem went away. The car 
never ran smoother.

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> Greetings, Rovernetters,
> I have a '69 TC with HS8 carbs (AUD254.) I am having
> trouble with my float bowls overflowing...the floats
> haven't sunk, so I'm pretty sure I need new needle
> valves. I noticed that the MGC also uses HS8's, so I
> was just thinking of ordering needle valves from
> Victoria British. I also noticed that in the
> illustration for the MGC, the floats are hinged to the
> float bowl lids, where as on my Rover, the floats are
> free floating- so I'm concerned that the needle valves
> might be different.
> Does anyone have a definitive answer?
> Nathan
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