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Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Tue Aug 14 19:03:31 BST 2007

Hi Pete
          I appreciate your prompt reply,  I'd  hesitate to beleive the
engine is badly worn, of course the present owner;s son has been driving it
so who knows what might have happened to the car. It had originally been in
the same family from new and only arrived here on the island a few years
ago. It wasn't used much after that and then went up for sale (I managed to
resist) and a local chap bought it. I think this car was well maintained for
the great part of its life and I don't think it has high mileage maybe 60-80
thou. Like you I only ever saw one oil strainer in the sump badly clogged
and that was back in the sixties when people never changed oil just added as
needed, plus that was a six cyl Austin. I haven't heard back from the garage
yet but will keep you informed.
                                       Regards  Ben.

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