[ROVERNET - UK] P5 polarity - next question

McArdle fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Wed Aug 15 02:43:35 BST 2007

Hi all again, 

       For the time being keep the coil + side grounded or running to the
distributor. Keep in mind that the distributor is always the earth or
ground side of a points system. 
       I believe I saw , after I sent out my original posting that you are
using an electronic system( Pertronix??) .  If this is the case then all
bets are off. The system must be wired to the ground you are using
according to the manufacturers specs. To put it simply the switching of
the coil and the power both come from the same place in an electronic
system and they must match and not pulse the other side. 
      There is a very simple way of checking your actual coil polarity
using a pencil and one of the spark plug wires. If you think you are
having trouble let me know and I'll fill you in on how to do it. 
      Some of the coils are what are know as balanced coils and don't
really care how they are wired up initially however sometimes they take a
set and don't take kindly to reversing. If it just seems to run crummy and
start a bit harder then that could be your problem , Let me know. 
Pete McArdle
Classic Racing Enterprises
New York USA

On Tue, 14 Aug 2007, Eric Russell wrote:

> Back at ya from Bill, the P5 guy.
> Eric
> ***********************
> A little confusing on the coil issue.  The replacement
> coil in the car is not labeled "SW" and "IGN", it only
> has "+" and "-" and the "+" is
>  currently grounded.  Is this correct for the negative
> ground situation ??
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