[ROVERNET - UK] 2000 TC carb needle valves/ MGC

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I wonder if you may have the wrong type of float bowl lids on your 
carburetors. The HS types have a hinged float. The float chamber also has a 
small plastic line out of the bottom that is part of the primary jet 
assembly. This is the most obvious identification feature of the HS type. 
Cancel that thought. The HS has three screws holding on the top, whereas the 
H and HD are held on with a single banjo fitting down the center. I guess 
that it would be possible to simply install the free floating floats from an 
H or HD into the HS float chamber and substitute the pivot and needle 
assembly also, rather than use the proper hinged float. However, I cannot 
imagine why someone would do that??? If that is the situation, it should be 
relatively easy to restore then to the proper HS type of floats and float 
needle mechanisms.

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> I'm still a bit confused.
> I have looked at the pictures of the HD8s and can
> definitely say that's not what is on my car.
> The picture of HS8s matches what I have on my car,
> which also corellates to the tags on the carbs (AUD
> 254 front & rear) as mentioned in the Burlen fuel
> systems page.
> The floats are definitely completely free floating and
> act on a lever which is attached to a pin at the top
> of the float bowl lids.
> I think I might just order the MGC needle valves and
> see what happens. I'm sick of being dinged with
> customs processing fees for minor parts orders from
> Canada/ overseas...
> Thanks to all who took the time to reply!
> Nathan
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