[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Oil pressure

Alan Francis Alan at southernsheeting.co.uk
Wed Aug 15 09:19:33 BST 2007

	The fact that the pressure does rise would suggest the pump
itself is ok. It sounds to me as though it is the pressure release
valve. If pressure is being generated, which it clearly is, but not
maintained then this is governed by the release valve (spring)and ball
bearing. I would try substituting the spring for a much stronger one and
(gently) raising revs to see if pressure is maintained. The pumps
themselves are actually quite simple in operation relying on the two
cogs (vanes?) to compress the oil with only the pressure release valve
to moderate/control it.

I assume they are taking their pressure readings from the standard
pressure switch screwed into the base of the pump and as they get cam
rattle it sounds as though this is accurate in showing the drop in
pressure at higher revs, as it takes its reading directly from the pump
base it is unlikely to be affected by blocked pipes or oilways, if
anything these would increase the pressure reading.

Alan Francis (partviking)


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