[ROVERNET - UK] Battery Charging, in or out of the car

Brian Humphreys brian_humphreys at btconnect.com
Thu Aug 16 10:11:18 BST 2007


I recently had to purchase a new battery. Not because my old one was worn
out, but because it had been in and out of the car so many times to be
charged (too much sitting in the garage and not enough driving), that the
constant removing of the negative terminal had made the lead post turn into
a conical shape. As a result, tightening the negative terminal meant that
the terminal climbed up the post and off the top!

Anyway, why shouldn't I charge the battery in the car and leave the positive
and negative terminals connected. Is this a potentially dangerous thing to
do, and is there any danger of damaging the modern radio/cd player that I
have fitted.

For info, my new battery is of the fully sealed variety and is mounted in
the boot.

Many thanks,

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