[ROVERNET - UK] 2000 TC carb needle valves/ MGC

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Thu Aug 16 07:13:59 BST 2007

Great picture Eric, thanks. The other post said that it was not a doughnut 
also. Your picture clarifies everything. They are indeed different, 
including the linkage for the float needle. I did confer with one of my 
expert references today, who had been factory trained on the Rover 2000. He 
did not remember that the floats were different and could not find a 
reference showing the difference. I will share the picture with him. I have 
learned more than my fair share of things today.

For reference, it seems that Moss has just one part number for Gross Jets 
for HS carburetors. They also carry those .015 shims that go under the 
needle assemblies if they are needed,

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> Here's a picture of my HS8 carbs with the brass float
> detailed.
> Eric
> http://websrus.ca/HS-8-carb.jpg

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