[ROVERNET - UK] P6B Sunroof and 700R4 conversion

Peter Mitchell peter_m at amnet.net.au
Thu Aug 16 13:47:59 BST 2007

Hi Kent

Thanks for your note re the sunroof - if it is a factory installation, well
done because it will have been finessed rather than butchered in to

I've noted also your comments on the 700R4 conversion, thanks, my
investigations are continuing, and I'll look forward to your advice on the
adapter plate.

Having driven 500 km now in my P6B with its new (rebuilt) 3.9 engine, it is
beginning to free up and I can feel this urge (in the motor, not in my foot)
to keep on revving.

>Hi Peter,
>I'm pretty sure this is a factory installation.  Hold off on the pics 
>until I can find out more. 

>I got your post concerning progress on the 700R4 conversion.  For V8's, 
>the simplest and cheapest route is to use one of the adapter plates 
>(readily available in this country) that allows installation of Chevy 
>patern transmissions onto BOPC patern blocks. These plates can then be 
>drilled for the Buick/Rover block patern and dowel location.  I have a 
>plate already drilled that I can use as a template, so the extra 
>machining shouldn't be very expensive.  If I can get it done at a shop 
>that uses CNC machines, they can save the coordinates and drill 
>individual plates as needed.

>I wanted to use the BDW35 bellhousing, but some of the more recent 
>comments by those who have done this seem to indicate that there is room 
>in the P6B floor and cowl for the Chevy bellhousing.  The four cylinder 
>conversion is a different matter.

>I'll let you know the final cost and shipping

Kent K.

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