[ROVERNET - UK] Battery Charging, in or out of the car

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You used to be able to buy replacement smoke on eBay, although it was for
Lucas equipment.

There are many options for that sort of gear down here from people like
Jaycar.  The more expensive units will charge a flat battery through 3
stages and finish up on trickle.  Some of the very cheap units are just for
maintenance and simply monitor battery voltage and give it a high-powered
short burst every so often.  This type usually can't charge a flat battery.


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It's 120V though, so don't plug it into the Aussie mains without an
adaptor, other wise you'll let the smoke out.


> Go to www.harborfreight.com  part number 42292-1VGA. It is listed as a
> Battery Float Charger. Current price is $7.49. I know that if you were in
> the US and walked into one of their stores it is $6.99 US. I don't know
> the exchange rate is, but $7.49 is an awful lot less than $166.00.

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