[ROVERNET - UK] Battery Charging, in or out of the car

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You can make your own you know.  I did when I was younger and had more time.
It's not that difficult really.  The trick is knowing what strength to use
and being able to capture it.  The mistake most people make it to get it too
hot.  It must be cool or it escapes again as soon as you put it in.

Try burning a bicycle tyre in the fridge and putting a plastic bag over the
defrost drain outlet.  If you must use your own fridge, make sure you first
remove any food that isn't in glass jars.


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On 8/16/07, Warwick Brooks <warwick at regscom.com.au> wrote:
> You used to be able to buy replacement smoke on eBay, although it was for
> Lucas equipment.
>  Warwick.

Lucas smoke also works on some early Japanese systems, but you have to
know which models -  some of them used metric smoke and the Lucas
stuff won't fit


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