[ROVERNET - UK] Denis re oil pump

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sat Aug 18 14:15:12 BST 2007

denlet wrote:

you can also put an 1/4 liter of "VASELINE" (petroleum jelly buy in
drugstore ) in the oil pump.Vaseline is completely mixed with oil.It's very
good to have a good pressure for the first start.
If you take a drill after about 2 mn, you must  have a pressure , the drill
turn more slowly, the pressure become higher.
The best is to fill the hydraulic tappets.(leave in a box during 24 H in
special oil ).

        thank you           denis

Good advice, Denis. Some of us are too lazy to take the oil pump apart but have lots of time to remove the distributor, build a special tool to fit the drill, and reinstall the distributor!   ;-)


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