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Hi Kent about half way through that list on mine. I would add something
about leaking windshield. I broke mine removing it to reseal. But I found
a parts car minus engine and transmission, in Wichita, for $100.00. So now
I can even drive in the rain![I still have a little water getting in
around tail lights, I think] Just over 12000 miles now. I love telling
people that Rover built an old pickup truck called a Land Rover .Nick

Hi Robert,
I personally like the SD1...the styling, the handling, and
the fact that it has 1/3 fewer parts than my P6B's.  I
have had twelve since 1987 and still buy them up when the
price is reasonable.  The problems are predictable and the
solutions well known.  In spite of the fact that it has a
dozen relays in the electrical system, I find it easy
enough to trouble shoot.
Things to do to an SD1:
-learn how to trouble shoot the EFI-Get Franc to massage
your ECU and fit a rising rate fuel pressure regulator.
-find the reset button for the power windows and learn how
to disassemble and clean the switches
-buy every headlamp flasher/dimmer switch you can find
-squirt graphite in the steering column lock
regularly-when it won't unlock, drill out the bolts and
throw it away-fit a plain key switch in the hole where the
shift quadrant display is found-no sane person is going to
steal the car anyway
-Replace the head bolts with studs (10 per side only)-fit
new head gaskets
-discard the lock and lock plate on the hatch-learn how to
open the hatch with your finger
-Replace the cam with a 3.9 L cam and the timing chain
with a true roller-add new lifters
-If it's a 5spd, flush the trans and use a synthetic
synchromesh oil-if it has over 60,000 miles and still
shifts smooth, replace the bearings now and go another
-if its an automatic, fit a GM 700-R4
-Ditch the distributor, ballast resistor and coil-anything
is better-GM(points or HEI), Mallory, Accel, MSD or even
later Range Rover with the control box on the wing.
-use a fuel pump from a six cylinder Ford truck
-Wait for the rack to leak-when you figure out which of
the four possible racks it has,rebuild it-then rebuild it
again.  Fit new hoses.
-Replace the rear springs and shocks with 2300 units when
the Nivomats give out
-Get the seats recovered
-paint it (If it is Tumeric, paint it a different color)
-get some Euro type headlamps and bumpers
-Now you have spent $12,000 on a car that's worth $2500
and is now only 2/3 Rover
-keep it forever:-)
-Get used to correcting people gently "No, Rover made
Range Rovers, not the other way around."

Kent K.

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