[ROVERNET - UK] Removing TC roof question

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Fri Aug 31 20:10:55 BST 2007

Hi Folks
              The strangest things turn up on the internet , just today on a
local buy-sell page appeared a Rover TC for sale $2000 asking price, not
very clear photo's but looks like a 1967 and owner clains is in good
condition drivable and working well ,needs muffler. What got my attention
the car has a full sunroof, no details on make yet, but I'd be interested
just for the roof. My question, would it be easier to remove my roof and
replace with this other roof or try removing just the sunroof and then
installing on my car??? cutting a hole in my good car roof seems like
somewhat a daunting prospect. Any advice appreciated
                                    Regards Ben (irishrover)

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