[ROVERNET - UK] Removing TC roof question

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Fri Aug 31 21:31:33 BST 2007

OK, guys.  I just did this.  Vern is right.  It all has to come apart 
anyway and you save cutting a hole in the good roof.  If the wood is 
good, you save removing it.  If the wood isn't good, you still save 
drilling a gazillion holes to mount the wood to the roof.  The hole in 
the roof is not cut exactly to the dimensions of the sunroof on my 
installation (Tudor Webasto) as a slight bit of the roof metal is bent 
over the wood frame.  I don't plan on rebuilding the sunroof right away, 
but there is enough there to restore.  Removing the roof is not 
difficult, just time consuming.

Kent K.

Vern Klukas wrote:

> Hard call
> To cut a hole, you are going to have to remove the sunroof and 
> reinstall. Ick!
> OTOH, replacing the roof requires you remove front and rear 
> windshields and the stainless trim, but otherwise is quite straight 
> forward, albeit messy with sealant.
> Myself, I'd change the roof, as every procedure needed in in the 
> manual, whereas installing the sunroof presumably is learn as you go.
> Yours
> Vern
>> Hi Folks
>>               The strangest things turn up on the internet , just 
>> today on a
>> local buy-sell page appeared a Rover TC for sale $2000 asking price, not
>> very clear photo's but looks like a 1967 and owner clains is in good
>> condition drivable and working well ,needs muffler. What got my 
>> attention
>> the car has a full sunroof, no details on make yet, but I'd be 
>> interested
>> just for the roof. My question, would it be easier to remove my roof and
>> replace with this other roof or try removing just the sunroof and then
>> installing on my car??? cutting a hole in my good car roof seems like
>> somewhat a daunting prospect. Any advice appreciated
>>                                     Regards Ben (irishrover)
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