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The 2000 is the preferred engine and particularly the 1971 version. It was 
9.2:1 compression and 100 HP stock. The 72-73 2000 engines were 8.2:1 and 85 
HP. Yes, the 2300 engines had cam problems.

I tore down a 1971 Pinto engine with 90,000 miles on it and the worst wear I 
could find was .0015 inches, that is 1 1/2 thousands of an inch. I checked 
it several times as I could not believe the readings. As I had it torn down, 
I bored it .020 oversize and re-built it totally. That engine is now in my 
Gazelle Kit. I had a spare 1971 engine laying around for years that I put on 
Craig's list recently. Had three hits within the first 24 hours. They wanted 
to put it into everything from a Jeep to a fork lift. The fork lift guy was 
the first one here with cash in hand.

They really are great little engines.

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>I think Larry's P6 has a Pinto SOHC 2300cc engine with VW Bosch K-Jetronic
> fuel injection.  As I remember this engine has a belt driven cam and a
> history of valve train oiling problems.  Ford used this engine for a lot 
> of
> years but did they ever fix the valve train oiling problems?  Another
> question is this engine an interference or free running design?
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