[ROVERNET - UK] Routing of Power Steering hose NADA V8

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Just refitted all new hoses to my 3500S.  The power steering hose from the 
radiator (I swear it's the longest of any car I have ever refitted) routes 
from the reservoir along the right side fender wall and DOES FIT in between 
the edge of the radiator and side wall.  It then runs IN FRONT of the 
radiator, essentially lying along the bolted on radiator brace upon which 
the radiator sits (there is a rubber 'bumper' upon which the radiator rests 
on this brace which may very well be rotted away) There are three hose 
clamps in front of the radiator which secure the hose. It then snakes back 
in towards the engine on the left side of the radiator to be fitted to the 
power steering pump which sits just behind it.

One caveat....my 3500S was originally ordered WITHOUT A/C, but I doubt that 
this would make a difference in terms of the routing of the power steering 

Two words of wisdom on the leak/rebuild of the pump.  I have been told that 
this is a very common pump (unlike something as arcane as the rear 
calipers), and I thought I had a leak, but after cleaning it up and 
refitting it, I used liquid teflon on the threads of the connecting hoses 
and have bee leak free.

Hope that helps,


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> When I rebuilt my 70 P6, I routed the PAS feeder hose in front of the
> radiator. Now that I have the radiator out (to get to the leaking Power
> Steering Pump, which is cleverly hidden under the A/C), I notice that the
> hose has little clearance beside the radiator on the passenger side (LHD).
> Should it be routed behind the radiator? Thanks.
> And,...any tricks or snags to rebuilding the PAS pump to eliminate the 
> leak?
> Thanks again.
> PS: I was off the list for 2 mos, in UK and on the Continent admiring 
> Rover
> 75s. Think I also glimpsed a MG model with the V8.
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