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Fri Dec 21 09:41:52 GMT 2007

David Read wrote:
> No problems Kent,
> The engine has a 10.5:1 compression.
> While not overly excessive, I have to run it at TDC to stop the pinging 
> on our lousy unleaded fuel <gloom>.
> I will start gathering bits in 2008 once I have the go-ahead from the 
> local vehicle registration authorities.
> I am hoping that removing the petrol tank will give me sufficient room 
> to mount a "scuba" style gas set.
> Carburettor will be a specialist LP gas unit from
> http://www.gasresearch.com.au
> attached to a standard RR EFI plenum chamber.

	Firstly, greetings of the Season to all, and yes, I do still lurk here!

	David, my advice is to be very wary of LPG equipment which fills the
EFi plenum with explosive mixture. I have considerable experience of this, and
the end result is very often a large hole in the plenum. The only systems I
would recommend for this are the 'sequential' gas injection systems which feed
LPG to the intake runners directly. They are considerably more complex and expensive
but in my experience save a lot of grief and expense in the long run! I have
one on my Range Rover which has given several years of good service, and I am
about to fit one to my Jaguar XK8. Performance should be almost (or completely)
indistinguishable from that on petrol. I don't know how easy it will be to make
one work without a petrol system though, as they take a lot of information from
the petrol electronics. If you do fit the system you originally planned, please
make sure it includes a blowout valve on the plenum! Please also forgive me if
I'm teaching Grandma to suck eggs! ;>)

	Whatever you do, good luck with the project. LPG is always my fuel of
choice, especially in thirsty 300BHP V8s!



Franc Buxton
IT and Electronic Development Manager
J.E.Engineering Ltd, Coventry.

Die dulci fruimini

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