[ROVERNET - UK] Starter Woes/Weepy Engine Side Cover TC2000

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It is possible to remove them with engine in situ.
I have done it.
It is Not easy!  Rover P6...
If you have an engine lifter, go that way.
The hardest part is removing the engine mount stud things.
There is no easy way.  You have to put the 9/16 nuts back on with washers 
for the large nuts to tighten against, and heave on the large nuts.
I didn't remove the oil pump, but that may have been a mistake.
They can be welded up.  You will need to pull the left one too, and remove 
all the sludge.
Yes I have stainless ones on my car now.  They were made by Jimmy, Royce's 
Just flat plates with the holes drilled.  This increases the water volume, 
which slows warmup.
Always use a corrosion inhibitor in the water.


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> Season's Greetings Rovernetters.
> I'm the guy who lost his starter spring and nut down in the bellhousing. 
> After hours of fishing for it I took Ruth's advice and drilled a hole in 
> the bottom of the bellhousing (after finding a metal holesaw) just behind 
> the flywheel. There the culprits were! Problem was the hole was 1 1/4 inch 
> and the spring was about 1 3/8 inch. So I drilled another one right next 
> to the edge of the first one. I then rasped away the excess. I now have a 
> rectangular hole 1 1/4 inch by about 2 or 2 1/8 inches. It's rectangular 
> but with rounded inside corners if you can imagine. I then obsessed about 
> finding a rubber hole plug to fit. Googled "rubber hole plug" and went off 
> in another universe. If I had just drilled a 1 1/2 hole to begin with it 
> would have been a much easier task to find a plug. I know there is a plug 
> somewhere in the world that will work. The biggest issue is the 3/16 inch 
> thickness of the bellhousing. Anyway what I wound up doing was gluing a 
> thin aluminum brake caliper silen
> cer pa
> d over the hole. It actually looks like it could be a factory cover. We'll 
> see how long that will last
> Meanwhile while I was under there I noticed that the RH engine sidecover 
> was "wweping". The LH is OK. It looks like if I removed the RH engine 
> support and then braced that side I could remove the sidecover although 
> with inherent difficulty. Anyone done this? Then there would be the matter 
> of finding another sidecover. Didn't I read years ago on this list about 
> someone who had stainless ones fabricated? All advice would be massively 
> appreciated.
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