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Fri Feb 2 23:46:57 GMT 2007

Stripping aluminum is way easier than steel, it 
is worth trying one of the water soluble, 
not-toxic to the environment types that they now 
sell at hardware stores and paint stores.

After that (like if the car has been paint with 
any two part type paint) I'd go with Eric's 
suggestion and seek out an aircraft stripper.

Unless you are using something really caustic, 
there is no danger to aluminum from strippers, 
but watch out, the stripper can lurk in crevices 
and play havoc later on. Also, watch out for any 
factory sealant, it will soften in strippers as 
well. I'm thinking here of the sealant between 
the inner lid support and the outer skin.


>No, not that sort! I'm planning on using a 
>chemical paint stripper to remove paint from my 
>boot (trunk) lid. I have a couple of questions:
>Any brand recommnedations? I used Nitromors in the UK but can't it here.
>Any concerns on using chemical strippers on Aluminium panels?
>Thanks folks,
>Steven Dibdin
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