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An additional question regarding paint codes; discussed a week ago. I have a 
Dupont formula for Brigade red, which I used on my 69 2000TC. Lacquer is no 
longer available in the US and I believe; Canada as well. I have tried to 
match and scan this paint, from a panel, at my local supplier, but no exact 
match comes up. It is a lovely but unique red. Does anyone have a formula, 
they have used in the US, that matches the Dupont lacquer?I believe the 
Dupont formula was an exact original match. I only want to paint the 
outside; as door edges and jambs are still showperfect; but lacquer has 
cracked on the top. If properly done; red  lacquer  will last 5 years in the 
Florida sun; has a depth and classic appearance like nothing else.But, it is 
time to move on to an epoxy finish. James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale.
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> Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll be painting the panel at my spray 
> booth at work afterwards (one of the many pluses of the P6's 
> construction).
> I'm planning on epoxy primer, followed by two pack primer filler then 
> Dupont's Chromabase basecoat and finally their Hypercure clear top coat.
> This maybe the first 2000TC resprayed on the 18th floor of a building. 
> Actually I can bring the whole car in as we have a truck elevator up here. 
> But it won't fit in my booth (I use it for spraying industrial design 
> prototypes).
> Just wanted to get the use of RN's massive experience.
> Many thanks,
> StevenD
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