[ROVERNET - UK] led lamps

jpsco44 at aol.com jpsco44 at aol.com
Sun Feb 4 21:36:50 GMT 2007

hi, all !

i have tried led lamps (white) for instrument use , i installed leds in 
my quartz converted jaeger clock, since the movement was  blocking 
proper lighting of the dial.
the light is "colder" than an incandescent lamp (bluish - but this can 
be fixed by adding a couple of red ones to compensate ) and the main 
difference is that the rheostat is not a suitable way for dimming them.
a variable duty cycle switching arrangement has to be used.
in the case of tail lights , it is very easy to use the same lamp for 
position and brake by changing the intensity.
yellow leds could also be used for turn indicator lamps.
if you are good with a soldering iron and can assemble your own lamps , 
 leds are available for peanuts.
a nice feature is that they last forever.


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