[ROVERNET - UK] Headlight Talk

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Feb 5 13:02:34 GMT 2007

> Check out
> http://www.danielsternlighting.com 

I often find myself in this position these days, but am I the only who 
finds it somehow morally repugnant to contemplate spending $109 or even 
$75 on a single sealed beam headlight? Personally, I'd start question my 
priorities if I found myself spending over $200 on a pair of Cibie 
headlights for a 40-year-old automobile. This would demonstrate a 
serious lack of perspective on where the world is at the moment. There 
are much better things to do with such disposable income, and it's not 
just a matter of what one can afford. It's still a conscious decision to 
spend an extra $150 on headlights rather than providing medical care to 
some family in Darfur or New Orleans. This is not directed at anyone in 
particular, but let's get a grip.

I'm such a killjoy, I know.


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