[ROVERNET - UK] LIGHTS and brains

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Wed Feb 7 01:32:17 GMT 2007

Paul Smith wrote:

> Did you ever hit a horse, cow, deer, bear, moose?

Yes .. a Brahman bull at 25km/h.
I disobeyed the golden rule of not driving at dusk in outback 
Queensland, and paid the price, but when an animal trundles out from 
behind a roadside bush as you gather speed after a roadside stop ....


> Due to Rover's tendency to use Large cabling, how much voltage drop do you reckon appears at the headlights?

In some Range Rover models, all the lamp current goes thru the switch.

> Having lights which alert deer is reasonably nice; an ultrasonic alerter does the same.

Ultrasonic roo shu's don't work :-(
or maybe some roos are deaf!

> Here the ADRs say that nothing is to be fitted to the front of a vehicle which increases injury to people; and then licence bullbars, which are about preventing paint scratches on 4WDs... rather than switching to alerters.

Oi! that *will* generate arguments! :-) Not all of us drive Toorak 
Tractors or lowered utes!
The bull bar saved more than my Land Rover Defender's scratched 
paintwork in the bull altercation mentioned above.


Besides, cattle, sheep and emus do *not* respond to alerters. They just 
blindly follow the animal in front when alerted. Trust me on that one!
The most dangerous situation (day or night) is when animals are gathered 
on both sides of the road .... you have no idea which way they will 
bolt. Just slow right down and cover the brake.


South Oz

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