[ROVERNET - UK] LIGHTS and brains

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Wed Feb 7 02:13:46 GMT 2007

Except if the sun is behind the mbike; then it is hidden.


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Motor bikes here have had the "headlight on with engine start" for quite 
a while.
On long straight outback highways here it is very desirable to drive 
with low beam on in daylight.
It gives approaching overtaking traffic some idea of what end of your 
vehicle they are looking at thru the haze!

Eric Russell wrote:
> In Canada, it's been the law for years for all new
> cars to have automatic daytime driving lights.  They
> are only in the headlight area and seem to be a less
> intensity than the regular low beams. IIRC
> The REAL trouble is the white light/blue light high
> intensity beams usually found on high end cars.  That
> blinding beam is truly a "wanker light"  (think I'll
> be using that term a lot :-)
> Eric

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