[ROVERNET - UK] LIGHTS and brains

Brooks restore at nbnet.nb.ca
Wed Feb 7 02:36:33 GMT 2007

Fletcher...you made some valid points..points that no sane man could 
disagree with...however NOT ALL older model light were rubbish..in fact I 
still use bosh and lucas for my P6B..they are far superior to the  lights 
that came standard with the late model Lincoln Town car (recently sold) and 
even the ones on the new chrysler mini van.
  Good condition,quality,well aimed headlight are indeed a MUST.  I checked 
last year with the dept. of motor vehicles and was told that it is not legal 
to install headlights that differ from standard equiptment specs.  It's a 
stupid law...but the law none the less.

  There are so many peoiple that drive cars/trucks with no concern for 
others on the road...there is a limit on lumins allowed but few today seem 
to know or care.

  It's great to have high powered lights but if the oncoming traffic is 
blinded you are "THE CAUSE" of an accident. Well aimed and clean lights are 
the only solution...it does not matter what type you are using as long as 
they meet but NOT EXCEED the legal lumins alowed. I am one of many that as I 
get older I find that night driving is becoming more dificult..I consider 
that to be MY problem and if I were to use high powered lights to compensate 
then I would be passing my problem on to others. I simply restrict my night 
driving within my better judgement.


 Dennis Brooks

 PS...   Very good topic !!!

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