[ROVERNET - UK] P6B brakes and shocks, P6B brakes and shocks, P6b brakes and shocks...............

Peter Mitchell peter_m at amnet.net.au
Wed Feb 7 12:45:10 GMT 2007


Guys, while you've been debating the rights and wrongs of lights (and P6's
had spotlights set very low didn't they?) I posted a message asking for
advice on how to obtain the correct springs and shocks for my P6B.

My springs were replaced with a set of the wrong height and diameter.
Should I pick up an old set of springs and have them re-tempered? 

And please, what is the make/classification of the correct shock absorbers
to use?

On the subject of brakes, my stepson turned up a few years ago with very low
mounted driving lights which came on with his side lights and headlights.
He sneered at my advice to wire them through the high beam only.  Later he
received a traffic infringement for using the lights. Justice!!

Kind regards

Peter Mitchell
Perth W/Australia

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