[ROVERNET - UK] P5 speedo differences

peter king peter at king-co.com
Wed Feb 7 17:36:42 GMT 2007

Hi all

First, many (delayed) thanks to all for your help with heater motor  
lube choices. I'm now trying to find a way to repair the top bearing  
cup, which came loose from the cap due to rusty, weak tabs on the  
retainer. Probably more likely that I'll need to replace the motor,  
but we'll see...

Question for today is: Can anyone tell me the functional difference  
between a speedo built for a P5 Mk II and a MK III? I imagine they  
are calibrated differently, but has anyone swapped them and measured  
the difference? I have a spare from a MKII, but need to replace my  
MKIII speedo.



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