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Sorry to change the subject fromWanker lights before  the discussion had 
covered roo bars and moose catchers., and moving back to paint codes... I 
have a 69 2000TC that I spent fortunes restoring years ago.It was a 
California car I bought from the original owner 25 years ago, and it was a 
Florida car since; so has no rust. (I did fit it with Carello lamps,on top 
of the bumpers, marked TP 73, which I think were used on the Baja rally 
cars; so were probably a factory option.. so this is a smooth transition 
from wanker lights) I  painted it in Brigade red, using the original Dupont 
lacquer formula, which matched the original perfectly . It was correctly 
painted, each piece separately, including under bonnet and boot lid, door 
jambs, etc.It actually lasted 5 years in the Florida sun, but has now 
cracked and checked on the top. I have a man from New Brunswick Canada 
interested in buying it and re-restoring it It may be painted in the US, or 
he may paint it in Canada.
     I found years ago, that  Brigade red was a unique color; it could not 
be matched on a paint scanner, at the paint store, nor could Dupont match it 
in anything nut lacquer. To avoid repainting the show perfect door jambs, 
etc, repainting it in Dupont lacquer would be best. It is not available in 
the US..I inquired on rovernet 2 weeks ago, and someone said lacquer is 
available in Canada. I told the buyer, his local paint stores said they 
could not get Dupont lacquer. Can anyone in Canada tell me specificly where 
to inquire in Canada ? I have the Dupont code. As an alternative, has anyone 
found an available paint  that they have used, tht is an exact match to 
original? ICI paints are not available in the US, to my knowledge; I do not 
know about Canada. If paint is available in Canada; hopefully it could be 
purchased and shipped across the border into the US, if painting is done in 
the US.
     Second question; I have advised the man to join a British car club, and 
Rover club in Canada, and find a Rover specialist in his area. Does anyone 
from New Brunswick know of repair/restoration shops that are experienced on 
Rover P6, they have used? The man is also interested in buying a LHD Vanden 
Plas Princess 4R, with Rolls Royce engine  from my Father near Buffalo, NY, 
so would need repair/restoration services for that as well.Thank you, James 
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> The Moose here in NH don't care what kind of  lights you have or what 
> noise
> you make
> Dick West
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