[ROVERNET - UK] More on Lights - 2 from Fletcher

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 10 16:32:52 GMT 2007

Fletcher noted:


> Gents-
> Well, once again Rovernut has eaten my post I guess.
> I posted an 
> extensive reply last night under "More on LIGHTS"
> 3:36AM, .............<SNIP>

The server is very sensitive to the TYPE of text sent
to it for distribution. Many people send me email
where that have selected "Rich Text".  This permits
bold-faced or colored/coloured text, italic, etc. 
However, when sent to a mailing list, the message
contains HTML code to execute the text functions. 
Hackers use text code to insert invisible execution
code to attack the computer(s) of the recipient.

Our Rovernet has been set up by the techies in the UK
to protect subscribers from spammers and hackers.
Nothing would kill a group faster.

So,............. all contributors to the Rovernet must
check the message format settings on in their email
program to insure that they have selected "Plain
Text".  Using Yahoo, I click a button so that ALL
messages composed will be Plain Text.  People who have
trouble finding where their email format settings are
located, could visit the <www.roverclub.ca> website,
find the "Rovernet" link and follow the instructions
and links to help them achieved the Plain text

If you are a registered subscriber to the Rovernet,
your email provider hasn't bounced messages due to
full email box, and if you send a Plain Text message,
there should be no problem about messages getting

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