[ROVERNET - UK] Air Cleaners etc.

Steve Lawrence jaoa27 at verizon.net
Tue Feb 13 06:10:12 GMT 2007

Vern and Fletcher,

Thank you for the input.  Yes, I knew removing the stock adapter "trumpets" 
would probably create some air flow problem, but I kept myself in denial.  I 
will either replace the stock set-up, or -- a friend of mine was able to 
find an adapter with a good radius for the air flow, and fitted a similar 
set-up to what I have, but the air cleaners are much larger.  They barely 
squeeze in there, but they definitely have more air flow, and look pretty 
good to boot!.  However, there is no restriction at top-end revs, so the 
point about running too lean there is something to note.


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