[ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC KN filter

Ron Venter venterrh at telus.net
Thu Feb 15 02:01:47 GMT 2007

Vern, Bill, et al,
                 Did you ever look at the following site concerning 
air filter tests?

         If you do look at it, scroll down until you get to the 
graphics. The "free flowing" filters are not necessarily the best.
                                                         Ron V.

At 05:26 PM 07-02-14, you wrote:
>I have two numbers that mostly work, but both require a rubber shim 
>to seal in the airbox, not a big deal, I used a piece of pond liner 
>on mine. Funnily enough, we had this conversation back in 2004 as 
>well Bill. LOL.
>Anyway, one number is E-3290. I'll have to look for the other, but 
>if I remember right this one is the better fitting of the two.
>>I'm still wondering if anyone knows the correct KN filter for the 
>>TC airbox.........
>>Bill Robertson

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