[ROVERNET - UK] charging problem

Steve Lawrence jaoa27 at verizon.net
Tue Feb 20 19:22:41 GMT 2007

Since this relay is so old, I may just replace it, as I am still looking for 
my voltmeter (packed from recent move).  I will open the can to see if the 
contacts close though.

I am glad you mention that most relays will work because the 6RA's that I 
just looked at for sale on ebay etc. all have different code numbers!  I 
wonder why there are so many different ones if they all open/close at 
approx. the same voltage.
Thank you (again!).

The 6RA controls current to field coils, ie, it functions as the cut-out
part of an old style regulator. So if he dead, you dead. It can be
cleaned up/adjusted by opening it up. Contacts C1-C2 close between 6.0
to 7.5V across W1-W2., with an adjustable voltage supply. Contacts open
as voltage is reduced below 4.0V min. Must use moving coil voltmeter to
see this correctly. But any relay that turns on/off anywhere close to
that range should work as a replacement - common 4 terminal relays on
everything today..
Don't think the 3AW does anything except turn light on, but it gets
activated off  one pair of Alt diodes, so if these are flaky it might
not work, but would be indicating partial alt failure.Test procedures
available if you need them.

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