[ROVERNET - UK] Shifting Problem (post for friend)

Steve L jaoa27 at verizon.net
Tue Feb 27 21:54:09 GMT 2007

Yes, P6.  There is no bad noises at all from the gearbox while trying to 
shift, so I wonder if the clutch system loses hydraulic pressure somehow 
while driving? He says when he stops he can start shifting all over again. 
It does sound like some clutch release problem to me.

>I'm presuming the car is a P6?

>On the blocked shifts into gear, any teeth grinding (actually syncro
>grinding) while trying to do it or is the lever just impossible to
>move? Any unusual noises, in particular occasional short, very
>high-pitched shrieks?

>My first thought is some kind of clutch problem. After that, a failed
>"main shaft spigot" bearing could give the symptoms, but that would
>be quite the noisy gearbox.

>If there are no bad noises, next thing to look at is the shift
>mechanism itself, a fairly Rube Goldberg affair with plenty of room
>for derangement, and there is lots of rubber to swell and rot.


>My friend (he is the guy that had that green TC racer on eBay a few
>weeks ago) is having the following problem -- I quote:
>"The symptoms are it shifts fantastic from a cold start and then
>after about 5 minutes it becomes difficult to shift from any engine
>speed, and after about 10 minutes it will let you out of a gear but
>not back into a gear such as shifting from 2 to 3 or 3rd to 4th or
>vice versa. Sometimes I have had to pull over and start from a
>standing start and working my way up thru the gears."
>The clutch cylinders are fine -- lots of clutch throw.  I have never
>heard of the gearboxes having problems after driving a while.  What
>do you think?
>Thank you,
>p.s.  Does anybody have a spare Lucas 3AW warning lamp control that
>I could purchase? 

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