[ROVERNET - UK] Wanted: P4 '60' 4-cylinder engine in USA/Canada

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Wed Feb 28 02:35:49 GMT 2007

Hi Steve,
I have two 60's, a 75 and a 105.  The 60's may both be 
stuck.  At least one is. 105 needs rod bearings but uses 
no oil (a fresh rebuild gone bad) and the 75 turns freely 
but otherwise condition unknown.  There is another 75, 
probably for free, in Kentucky.  I believe it ran well 
when removed.  One of my neighbors recently did a 
conversion of his Series I Landie to 2.25(source of the 60 
that is definely stuck).  There were some issues, but I'll 
have to wait until he gets back from Africa to ask him 
what they were.

Kent K.

On Tue, 27 Feb 2007 19:57:34 -0500
  S Manwell <s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu> wrote:
> I have been in contact with a garage in Connecticut that 
>is looking for a good P4 '60' engine for a restoration on 
>a 1958 P4 they are doing for a customer.  The engine in 
>the car is firmly seized after a long soak with 'Mystery 
>Oil in the cylinders.  I have advised them that they 
>might find an engine through Land Rover Series I sources, 
>and they are looking into importing an engine from the 
>UK.  Sounds like the engine was low on power for a while, 
>then sat for some years and is now seized. 
> Does anyone know of a 60 engine available in North 
>America?  How about a good running 60 engine available in 
>the UK or elsewhere?
> Depending on how badly stuck the engine is, they might 
>be better off putting resources into rebuilding the 
>existing engine rather than putting in a running engine 
>with unknown history.  I don't think there are many 60's 
>or Series I's in the US.  Maybe put an '80' / LR Series 
>II engine in it?
> Thanks,
> Steve Manwell

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