[ROVERNET - UK] Shifting Problem (post for friend)

Steve L jaoa27 at verizon.net
Wed Feb 28 16:26:43 GMT 2007

This information is very interesting.  I will have my friend check the 
exhaust mounting, and any other mounting that may canter the transmission 
out of alignment.  I am very familiar with that large rubber bushing where 
the exhaust pipe flange mounts under the tranny. Thanks for the tip!

>Hi Steve,

>I had a shifting problem on my TC as it got hotter I could not shift it 
>3rd gear. I thought I had a transmission problem. Unrelated I had installed
>a new exhaust pipe back to where it bolts to the rubber mount just under 
>trans. However I did not do a proper job and at certain speeds it vibrated
>over the rear arch.

>So I got under it and had to loosen the flange mounts to realign the 
>and fixed the problem. Amazing I also fixed the trans. It turns out the
>rubber mount for the tran gets old and weak and the way the exhaust mounts
>it can push the trans at a angle and that can bind the shifting linkage.

>If any exhaust work was done I would cheek this before pulling the trans.

>My thoughts anyway

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