[ROVERNET - UK] Clutch Problems

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Wed Feb 28 23:26:41 GMT 2007

I have just been through a dragging P6 Clutch...

When I put it on the car, I didn't disturb the clutch.  Bad move!
It was stuck.
After reading this list, I tried freeing the plate by jamming a rod in through the timing mark hole... 
Eventually I freed it by turning the crankshat via the damper bolt.
However (unknowingly) I had scored the pressure plate, and it dragged randomly from then on.  It did not matter how much throw I had on the slave (I cranked it all up).
I would Strongly recommend pulling the clutch out.


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Hi Group,
I have had shifting problems with my '69 TC for years. I think the  
problem is in the clutch hydraulics. I don't think the clutch  
withdraws sufficiently. If I am waiting to move forward in first gear  
with my foot on the clutch it is sometimes hard to shift back in to  
neutral. I have changed master and slave cylinders with perhaps a  
temporary improvement and I usually bleed the slave with the cylinder  
off the car to get rid of air bubbles.. I think that the flexible  
nylon clutch pipe might suck air in when the clutch is released. I  
keep meaning to replace the flexible line with a solid one so see if  
that helps.
I did hear of replacing the clutch slave cylinder with one with a  
slightly smaller bore - this should give a longer throw. Does anyone  
(Kent maybe?) know of such a cylinder?

Dermot Harvey

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