[ROVERNET - UK] Brake fluid question

James Stapleton jstapleton at mqzip.com
Wed Jan 3 17:23:34 GMT 2007

Hello Ben,
We spoke yesterday. I am the fellow that talked to you about the P5.
Happy to say I am still out of the bars...as of this morning.
I made a very odd call yesterday. I hope you do not suffer any repercussions
from it.
I called Reale Forest as you suggested. His number that I thought you said
was 514 256 3471
He answered. I introduced myself. He appeared to stumble a bit so I asked if
he spoke English. He said no. So I spoke in French.
I said I had spoken with you about the car he bought. He said he made no
such purchase. I said is this Reale.... He said Yes.... The lawyer from
Montreal.... He said Yes.
I said I had just spoken to you and that I thought he had bought your car.
He said I was mistaken.
I said sorry and that was that.
Maybe I had better brush up on my French!?!?!?!
Was the number correct above?
PS: I did join the Rovernet as suggested. Thank you. I believe I say some
correspondence with you and your new purchase.

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