[ROVERNET - UK] Kienzle clock regulation

Tomas Börjeson tmastaff at tripnet.se
Sat Jan 6 22:52:52 GMT 2007

These clocks are mechanical clocks with electric 
winding of the spring. It's usually this 
mechanism (or the spring) that breaks if they do 
not work. It is possible to repair them (I've 
done it) but if you can't do it yourself it may 
be difficult to find someone who is willing to 
try. There is a +/- adjustment on them but I 
don't think you can expect much greater accuracy 
then about a minute a week or so at best, 
especially after a quarter century or more. It's 
not a modern quartz crystal controlled electronic 
movement. You could always insert a modern 
movement in the old casing. You'll lose the intermittent "tick" however.

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At 07:30 2007-01-07, you wrote:
>My clock works in the car but loses minutes a 
>week. I have the instrument binnacle out, and 
>have hooked up 12V DC to the male connector and 
>case ground. I measure 14v across, yet the clock 
>seems not to work. I have hooked up a spare 
>clock in parallel, and it also does not work, 
>tho' I cannot verify that it worked before.Ideas please.
>Also, is it worth 'overhauling' these old 
>clocks?  Nobody here in Portland OR has the capabilities, I think.
>Geff and Julie McCarthy
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