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Thu Jan 11 03:03:11 GMT 2007

Hi Al,
I have known Kip and Debra Lankenau for many years.  Their shop is close 
to the intersection of I-35E and I-635.  Kip's shop did all the welding 
on my P5B Coupe.  I feel that I paid far too much for the work that was 
done.  That being said, Kip is very knowledgible about all British cars 
and has connections that boggle the mind.  If a British car part exists 
on the face of the earth, Kip can get it....and you will pay handsomely 
for it. A wonderful place to drop in and chat.  He is partial to Roots 
Group and , as you mentioned, Metropolitans.  I believe he has the most 
complete parts stock for Metropolitans of anyone.  We could add 
considerably to our Rover contacts if Kip would simply share his 
customer list...which he will NOT do.  The best he will do is to send 
out something I prepare and supply.

The British Motor Trade Association Annual Conference is being held in 
Dallas, March 2-4, with some big name folks (such as Joe Curto, John 
Twist of University Motors, Kelvin Dodd of Moss Motors, etc.) teaching 
tech sessions on March 3 and most suppliers spreading their wares.  Kip 
will be in the big middle of it and Debra is ramrodding the whole 
thing.  Open to all hobbiests.  Email me off list for registration 
info.  I'd like to go but may not be able to work it into my schedule. 

Kent K.

Ali Al-Abbasi wrote:

> Has anyone had any experience with http://kipmotor.com
> They are based in Dallas and say that they can get hard to find parts 
> for old British cars like ours.
> All the best
> Al
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