[ROVERNET - UK] OT Volvo 740 Turbo

Michael J Pellow mp349 at xtra.co.nz
Sat Jan 13 19:49:24 GMT 2007

Damien wrote:
> I know this is way off topic but hey you guys out there know everything
> I have a problem with my 740 Turbo 1988 with 230 motor. It was backfiring
> and finally died. It was suggested that the time belt had jumped a few cogs.
> So I started to fix and change a few things. I have put new plugs in, new
> spark plug leads, new timing belt, new harmonic balancer (as old one
> stuffed). It is getting fuel to the injector rail. I have cleaned the
> injectors. 
> Any suggestions?
> What else can I try, does this model have a crankshaft sensor or some such
> if so where is it? LHS or RHS side of the motor?
> I checked the compression it is 150psi in all cylinders?
> Please any help would be good
> Damien


I had the use of a 740  for a while & it stopped on me .It took me ages 
to find the problem
In the end ,it turned out to be one of the air hoses around the inlet 
manifold had come off.it was underneath so very hard to find.It was 
letting air in between the engine and the airflow sensor so that it was
telling the injection system that there was no demand for any fuel.
My 760 had a similar problem in that it would start but wouldn't 
run.This turned out to be a little box in the console behind where the
fuses are.This counts the pulses of the ignition to detect if the engine 
is running so that if the engine stops,it turns off the fuel pump.so 
that if in a crash the fuel line was damaged ,high pressure fuel is not 
been pumped every where.This is bypassed while the engine is cranking 
till it starts.I pulled the unit apart & found a flty


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