[ROVERNET - UK] P6 -SD1 spark plug gap?

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Ballasted coils are used solely to give better spark at crank starting 
speeds where the ballast resistor is shorted out in the "start" key 
position, effectively running the 8-9v coil st 12v.

When the key returns to "run/ign" the resistor is placed back into the 

Note:- the *resistor* may physically exist as a length of resistance 
wire between the ign switch and coil.

I would not advise permanently running a ballasted coil without resistor 
as there are reliability and electrical issues with plug electrode wear, 
cross firing and corona discharge.

BTDT <g>.

If you want more bang, you could try a *complete* electronic system, but 
remember, the more complicated the bits, the more complicated the 
possible problems.

<mounting soapbox>
Nothing beats a properly sorted/maintained/adjusted OEM system.
After all, the manufacturer has spent far more R&D $$$$'s than we mere 
mortals will ever have in developing the system in the first place!
<dismounting soapbox>

South Oz

geffandjulie wrote:
> Thanks. Can I try a higher voltage coil? And does it need to be 
> ballasted? I am showing my ignorance!
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> Yep.
> The max gap is determined by the coil voltage (not so great with Lucas 
> standard), the min gap by what makes the mixture burn and the plug not 
> foul.
> Try .025.
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> I have SD-1 heads on my P6. Based on advice, I have installed the correct
> SD-1 plugs, NGK BP6ES. However, I set the gap to .030" vs. the .025 book
> figure for the Champion N92YC.   It has a standard Lucas distributor and
> coil. It starts but runs rough.
> ***Is the gap too wide?***
> Thanks in advance.
> Geff and Julie McCarthy

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