R: [ROVERNET - UK] Rover SD1 Fuel suppy

Anders Hedelund Larsen anders at xoz.dk
Wed Jan 24 21:26:52 GMT 2007

Hi Gianluca, trying again.

Steady ground: My word for 'not unconnected', but connected (0 Ohm) to 
vehicle body, no matter what.

So my first thought was: There is not a broken wire, there is a damaged 
and short-circuited wire. So where? And where should it get its supply? 
And why do I not see any broken fuse?

Being an electrical engineer that was my natural reaction: A wire is 
damaged, must be traced and repaired, possibly replaced. It is running 
the length of the car, so may be anywhere. Therefore I looked for the 
supply point and was much surprised when the electrical diagram 
apparently showed the engine oil pressure switch.

Actually for clarity and to simply believe and understand it, I made a 
drawing copy of the parts of the diagram that related to the fuel pump.

When diagram basics were understood, it was just "Eureka, I got it". 
Went to the car, made the short bypass wire down at the engine side and 
everything worked as figured out.

I have been wondering WHY Rover did this: If no oil pressure, fuel 
supply will be cut and engine stop.

    * If for engine protection my experience is that engine dies
      immediately, long before carburettor float chambers will be empty.
    * But of course if you have a crash and engine is forcefully
      stopped, the fuel pump will cease to supply petrol to potentially
      cut hoses: Prevent fires.

Any good/better guesses out there in Roverland? 


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